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Devon Lane Farm Supply

Here at Devon Lane Farm Supply the we offer one of the worlds leading brand of Tractors from Yanmar. We offer many models of compact diesel tractors from 21hp-59hp and all the attachments you'll need to get you jobs done! You can be assured that you are dealing with the best brands in the business. We also have friendly, knowledgeable and experienced support staff. From sales to service, you can buy with confidence. After all, Devon Lane has been successfully in business since our founders Ira and Winnie Shattuck began in 1954.

You as the customer deserve the very best at a fair price. When considering what, where and from whom you will purchase your next piece of equipment, take into consideration the TRUE VALUE of the deal. Remember to take into consideration all of the variables before making the final decision. Rest assured that Devon Lane and the Manufacturers we represent have made a commitment to excellence. We'll ensure that you make the right choice to best suit your unique application. The old saying “TIME is MONEY” couldn’t be more true, so take the time to contact us to be absolutely certain that you are getting what’s right for you and your budget.

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